Dance Like Barb Rhythm Heals Concert

Saturday February 04, 2017 • 7:00pm

  • Join Let Every Woman Know and TapRoot for the Dance Like Barb Rhythm Heals concert, which is part of the Gynecologic Cancer Awareness and Arts of Healing Weekend. The concert will feature the return of band SHEL, with special performances by The Underground Dance Company and The Super Saturated Sugar Strings. SHEL is a band of four sisters known for their infectious rhythms and hypnotic vocals that blend their classical training and diverse influences. SHEL recently released their second album Just Crazy Enough. The band’s songs have been featured in numerous television shows, films and commercials.
  • Powerful, funky and alt-folky, the Super Saturated Sugar Strings have a very nostalgic, yet contemporary sound; rich with vocal harmonies, string melodies, and an element of carnival sideshow. Their gypsy-country vibe has won the group high honors and has stirred a fervent congregation of dedicated fans.

SHEL | Underground Dance Company | Super Saturated Sugar Strings


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